Practice Areas

Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP is a San Francisco law firm practicing in the areas of conservatorships, trust and probate administration, guardianships and estate planning.  Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP represents a number of private professional fiduciaries who act as conservator, often in cases of elder financial abuse, or as personal representative or trustee in disputed estate or trust proceedings. In addition the firm represents family members and friends caring for loved ones as their conservator or managing their affairs after death through their estate or trust.

The firm handles matters in the counties of San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda. The firm also assists clients in the management of ancillary probate proceedings in EU countries including working directly with local counsels in these jurisdictions.



Conservatorships are protective proceedings for incapacitated elders and dependent adults.  These proceedings, including the actions of the Court-appointed conservator, are closely supervised by the Court having jurisdiction over the matter.

Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP handles a significant number of conservatorship matters in the San Francisco Bay Area. The firm’s work includes all aspects of the conservatorship proceedings including: petitioning for appointment of a conservator; preparing required accountings; advising on all issues that arise during the administration of a conservatorship including health and placement issues and financial issues such as accounting preparation, mortgages, home sales and Medi-cal eligibility; and terminating the conservatorship.

Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP represents both family members and friends of the proposed conservatee, as well as a number of professional fiduciaries.  It is for this latter representation that the firm is best known in San Francisco. All of the attorneys at Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP are members of the San Francisco Probate Court’s roster of Court appointed attorneys and are appointed to represent conservatees and proposed conservatees.


Probate Administration

Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP represents administrators and executors in all aspects of probate administration from petitioning to open probate proceedings to the final distribution of the probate estate. Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP also often represents neutral special administrators appointed to manage estates pending resolution of will contests.


Trust Administration

Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP represents private individuals and professional fiduciaries as trustee in all aspects of Trust administration, including both private and Court-supervised administration of revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and special needs trusts.  Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP assists the trustee with all their responsibilities throughout the Trust administration process. The firm frequently represents professional fiduciaries that have been appointed as trustee pending resolution of Trust contests. The firm has significant experience in guiding its clients in the management of their fiduciary duties.

Estate Planning

Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP assist individuals and families in the estate planning process, including establishing revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and special needs trusts, drafting wills, powers of attorney for finances and advance health care directives.


Senior attorney Lawrence S. Siracusa is on the San Francisco Probate Court’s pro bono conservatorship/guardianship mediation panel. He also serves as a mediator in private mediations.


Guardianships are protective proceedings for minors.  Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP represents guardians in all aspects of the guardianship proceeding including petitioning for appointment of the guardian, preparing required accountings and terminating the guardianship.  Senior attorney Lawrence S. Siracusa is often appointed in San Francisco County by the Court to represent minors in guardianship proceedings.

All the attorneys and staff at Witherspoon & Siracusa, LLP approach their work and clients with compassion concerning the difficulties arising from the incapacity or loss of loved ones.